Our Own Terrarium Substrate

Our substrate was developed based on experience with turtle breeding, and mainly with creating turtle aquariums. It is also suitable for creating natural environment (substrate) for many other animal species that live in steppe and semi-steppe habitats such as central bearded dragons (agamas), chameleons, geckos or iguanas.

The purpose is to create as natural conditions for animals bred in terrariums possible. These are mainly turtles in turtle aquariums and outdoor paddocks.

The quality habitat is meant:

adequate opened or closed space which is well ventilated

sufficient source of daylight and UV light with aquarium heater

quality substrate with natural appearance and composition

What Makes Our Substrate So Special in Comparison with Commonly Available Substrates on The Market?

    • It retains moisture well and evenly. When it is exposed to the rain or dew for a longer time, it creates little puddles from which animals can drink.

    • Due to the natural structure, turtle may quite easily bury itself into the substrate and maintain/refill the moisture.

    • It contains soft limestone dolomite, which can help with digestion and calcium refill for skeleton and shell formation. It helps with jaws (beak) sharpening, and unlike coconut fibers (lingocel), it cannot cause intestine clogging and subsequent death.

    • It has natural appearance of Mediterranean nature. When it is moisturized regularly and properly, it is solid, and it helps turtles while moving and sharpening claws. It is best when combined with rugged terrain with stones.

    • It is suitable both to the interior decorative turtle aquariums and outdoor paddocks.


We recommend you to maintain the substrate more humid in the whole layer. It suits breeding turtles mainly, and at the same time reduces dustiness of fine substrate particles. Assess individually other maintained animal’s habitat and their needs.

Maintenance and the substrate replacement should be done regularly (depending on how dirty it is). Remove feed and excrements leftovers regularly and top up with the substrate if necessary. In case of undesirable smell after humidification (raining), we recommend changing the substrate at least once a year for hygienic reasons.

The substrate is supplied in 5 L, 10 L and 20 L packages. For the larger amount when used in outdoor habitat (biotope), it is possible to agree on individual packaging.